Delivery status tracking, fulfillment confirmation, and safety communication tool for fleet vehicles.

The product aimed to simplify driver's delivery routines and paperwork while also removing several hardware dependancies in the vehicles.

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User-centered workshop

Following initial design sprints for Track, this app kicked off with a workshop in Cupertino. The process was able to move quick as we had acquired relevant domain knowledge through the first app, had overlap in product stakeholders, and were building a library of design patterns that would be applicable to this product. The quick ramp up enabled more focus on users and quicker iteration.

Whiteboard, day in the life
Whiteboard, pain points
Whiteboard sketch, task timeline
Whiteboard sketch, action drawer
Whiteboard sketch, turn by turn directions
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The timeline & drawer

The primary screens of the app centers around the delivery loop. A driver needs to be able to see what their current task is, and occasionally get more information or perform an action related to the context. Most of the updates happen automatically, so a timeline keeps a running tally of them while the persistent drawer allowed for easy access to common actions.

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Knowledge & safety

Field gained information lost between drivers was a huge problem, particularly on large jobs with fluidly staffed crews. While radios still do heavy lifting for ad hoc communication, the jobsite screens give context and the ability to share important info. Drivers could add in details about deliveries in unmapped areas, give safety warnings, or note a gate code.

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Reduce driver clerical tasks

From pre and post trip vehicle inspections, to delivery tickets, to driver and vehicle logs, and shift tracking; drivers had a lot of paperwork to do and keep track of. The app focussed on minimize the manual recording where possible and let drivers avoid being out of compliance

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iphone shell Screen, hours of service
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