Order tracking and management for industrial products delivery, globally. Customers big and small see real time updates for their deliveries enabling them to better manage their on-site responsibilities.

Product launched in 2018 in the US, Mexico, and Columbia with plans to roll out in the UK, Germany, and Israel next.

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Getting started

Leading up to a user centered workshop I went to Mexico to meet stakeholders and visit construction sites to observe current state operations.

Design iteration and evolution

Through design reviews with users and stakeholders we quickly iterated and gathered feedback to achieve a product that balanced showing as much contextually relevant data with working environments with low connectivity and a need for low touch interaction.

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Primary screens

Two roles drove functional priorities as the design evolved. Jobsite foreman used order cards to easily see updates and have quick access to the map view. Company supervisors have an easy way to see an aggregate view of progress across jobsites along with an easy way to get to reporting functions.

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Enhancements & refinements

Initial scope focussed on ready mix deliveries for large orders. As I started to look at how to accommodated additional business lines along with trying to make some of the deeper functions more readily accessible I took inventory of the current state and mapped possible next steps.

Card flip

Initial feedback uncovered a need to make some deeper functions to be more easy to find and contextually relevant.

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Nav buttons

Building on the card flip approach, we settled on a more static approach that balanced performance while still focussing on clarity.

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Extend to support additional business lines

The pilot focussed on large orders for readymix. From there the app grew to support two additional core business lines along with a long tail of delivery scenarios, order sizes, states, and customer adjustments.

Ready mix (large)

Ready mix (Small)

Bagged cement


Pick up

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iOS best practices as a foundation for growth

The design was approached with the intention of leveraging standard iOS components and best practices to encourage development efficiency with an eye on long term product support. This also dramatically reduced lead time in extending to additional devices on platform in order to test viability.

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