A dealership sales enablement tool to help better guide customers through their visit and test drive. The sales team is given more insight into the inventory on lot, can provide quicker details about vehicles a customer is interested in, and provides low distraction way to sconduct a test drive.

ipad shell visit report screen

User centered workshop

I helped facilitate a workshop in Cupertino with one of Apple's design evangelists. The initial objective of the workshop was not fully defined, but broadly aimed to improve the dealership experience. Through exercises with users from a local dealership sales team, we found the biggest pain points centered the customer experience on lot and through the test drive. Broader finance and CRM related needs were documented but tabled in order to focus.

Whiteboard, day in the life
Whiteboard, pain points
Whiteboard, process flow
Whiteboard sketch, vehicle inventory
Whiteboard sketch, walk around
Whiteboard sketch, test drive
Whiteboard sketch, finish test drive

Primary Screens

From the moment a customer arrives on the lot, the app helps the dealer answer questions the customer might have, find inventory that fits their needs, locate inventory in order to take a test drive, and easily transition a sale to the finance team or continue the customer relationship if a sale isn't reached.

ipad shell Vehile filter screen
ipad shell Walkaround screen
ipad shell Test drive screen
ipad shell Visit report screen

Validating with animated prototypes

Since the workshop uncovered scope that was larger than initially expected, a lot of the initial work focussed on quick iterations to the design in order to get feedback from users. I used animated prototypes to demonstrate stories as well as the happy path in order to collect that feedback.

Inventory search, and select

While engaging the customer a sales person needs to find a vehicle that fits their interest from the inventory and then physically on the lot.

ipad shell

Low touch test drive

To encourage conversation rather than documentation, the salesman could record interest levels in from structured fields rather than free text.

ipad shell

Finish test drive

Even if the test drive does not immediately lead to sale, the customer often wants more info. The salesman can share industry reports, press reviews, and awards received.

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